high-functioning fuckup


i’m packing up the car LATE tomorrow evening and driving to South Beloit to pick up John Porcellino and Noah Van Sciver, and together we will then drive like maniacs for the next 14 hours until we arrive in Toronto in order to attend TCAF. last year was pretty fantastic, and this year will be as well: in addition to the aforementioned pals, La Mano will also be seeing old pals like Tom Neely/ I Will Destroy YouSparkplug Comic Books2D CloudKoyama Press, and many, many more. i’m excited.

i’ve also neglected to update with some great press La Mano has garnered lately, for Sammy the Mouse vol 1 (by yrs truly): here’s one from the San Francisco Weekly, another from the Onion, a long interview (which i’m very proud of) at Robot 6, and a nice one from Canada’s Daily Mail.

maybe more that i’m forgetting, but forget it.

best, zak.

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