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pretty excited about this.

Dale (TOOTH), John Porcellino esq, and myself are going to be in CHICAGO this weekend, doing a variety of different things– here’s what they are:

FIRST: signing/ talking/ presentations at what we all know is one of the best zine/ diy/comic stores in north america (and has been for a long, long time..) , QUIMBY’S QUEER STORE.


the whole thing will start up at 7 or so, and be done i don’t know, whenever.

Johnny’s got a slideshow thing i think, Dale’s got one (i saw it a couple times this past weekend, and thought it was great), and i’m not sure what i’m going to talk about, really. maybe i’ll just recite my poetry. so this will be fun; i’ve been meaning to do a thing with/at QUIMBY’S since i (re)launched La Mano back in 2005. here it is.

and then, the FOLLOWING night


a one-night only show with the 3 of us called PHYSICAL EVIDENCE (here’s a poster Dale made for it…)

this is happening at RATIONAL PARK (address above), and…oh you get the drift. starts at 7.

the whole gist of the show is that none of the 3 of us really do artwork that’s supposed to be…viewed on a wall in a gallery and all that; our stuff ends up as comics or zines or posters or whateverthehell. so we’re each displaying a bunch of stuff on the wall that’s NOT for sale — in my case, all 96 pages of original art for Sammy vol 1 (it makes about a 28 x 9 foot rectangle on the wall; and i’ve got the messiest originals in the business, too…lots of Xacto cuts and white ink and rubber cement). John will be displaying original King-Cat pages (!!!) and Dale…lord only knows.

but, we’ll be selling the REAL things (i.e the Sammy Vol 1 book, Dale’s TOOTH: The Graphic Art of Dale Flattum, and King-Cat both in ‘zine and book collection form). also prints and lots of etcetera.

there’ll also be some rare stuff from each of us, namely John’s FUZZY BOX/FUCKIN DORK boxes, Dale’s BRILLO boxes and his you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it FLUXUS boxes. and i think i’m going to sell a big painting, we’ll see.

anyway, it’s ONE NIGHT. we’re putting it up, then taking it down.

sometimes i wonder– do people think i’m kidding? i’m not kidding.

come say hi.


new PANEL #3

thought i was going to miss the deadline, didn’t you? well i DIDN’T, here it is…what’s in that package? none of your business (yet).

new PANEL #2

Sammy The Mouse page 10

new PANEL #1

told you i’d put one up.


to be clear: this, and  ALL of the “new panels” will be in-progress shots from the NEXT volume of Sammy The Mouse (Vol 2, due in 2012 etc etc). this one here is of What’s-Her-Face, and honestly, i love this drawing.

though, in all honesty, i don’t know who the “you” in that first sentence would refer to, since i haven’t really told anybody but myself that i launched this new site. maybe tomorrow.



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