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SAMMY the MOUSE BOOK 2 is HERE/ special pre-sale offer


i told you something was up. go to this link to read my long, rambling thing on what the pre-order is and why we’re (and by “we” i mean myself and Uncivilized Books, who published the new volume) doing this, and what you get (signed book, special print). oh alright here’s the url too:


but, yeah: i want people to get the new book FROM ME. i like that. i always have. if you like it too, spread the word.

there’s some signings and events and all that stuff in the works, but for now– Sammy is halfway done. 98 all new pages in a 104 page book. this one ┬ájust about did me in (i know i know, don’t they ALL?) but you don’t want to hear about all that and besides, now it’s done. this pre sale thing lasts through this month (july 2013).

thanks, all of you.

best, zak.

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  1. vivmondo

    Is all this available to UK folks? I got to the last paypal but there was no extra p&p – don’t want to make this pricey for you folks!

    July 18, 2013 at 4:19 pm

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