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hey everyone–
i’ll keep it brief.
first, thanks to all of you who responded to the Sammy Book 2 pre-sale offer. we got about half of the print bill covered at present, and that is a wonderful thing.
i’m writing for 2 reasons:
1) there’s THREE DAYS left on this thing– it ends on July 31, so if you still want to do it but haven’t done it yet, or were going to tell someone about it or whatever… well, you know. tick tick. it’s right here:

2) the limited edition print is done (i mean, it’s drawn anyway), so here’s what you’ll be getting along with your book (well, the rough, lo-res version):

looks like i’m going to do them on the Risograph, and i’m going to see what color drums i can borrow from pals, so the actual 2 colors will most likely differ from what you see here. size of the print is 6″ x 8″, on this real nice cream colored watercolor-paper-looking stuff (with deckled edges!) that i came up with. i’ll print these up as soon as the offer ends and get the books sent out quick as hell. i promise.
that’s it.
thanks again and my best,

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  1. Hey Zak, cheers for completing your second book. I really liked the first one, and I’m looking forward to reading this one. It’s inspiring stuff for sure. Thanks man!

    July 29, 2013 at 8:07 pm

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