high-functioning fuckup


as some of you might know, these past few weeks i’ve been busier than i can even make sense of. the Jaime Hernadez show, PFC4, and AUTOPTIC all deserve their own posts (and i’m going to try and do that sooner than later), but leading up to all that i’ve barely had time to breathe. tonight was the first “free” time i’ve had in quite a while, so, finally, i banged them out:

yellow and maroon (inadvertently the colors of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, about whom i do not give a rip) , on the offset press (i tried them on the Risograph a couple weeks ago and it was nothing but headache). so, i’ll sign these up and hopefully get a bunch of them out in the mail next week. to all of you who did the presale deal(s): THANK YOU. both for the order, and your patience.

it’ll be there soon.

best, z.


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