high-functioning fuckup


as of about 3 am last night.



3 am the previous night was folding and collating by hand, at the kitchen table, just like the good old days.


and the day before that was doing the final silver pass (with, as always, my good pal clint).


got 60 copies for the Rain Taxi book fest, which i’ll be doing a talk at with my awesome palĀ Anders Nilsen from 2:30-3 today.

i’ll put it up for sale on the site next week, after i get some sleep. but i’ll tell you one thing: it is the strangest…object i’ve ever made. and that’s saying something. it is really and truly bonkers. i just finished it and it already feels like an artifact. every goddamn one of them is different (and the same).

i’m very proud of it. whatever it is i was trying to pull off, i believe i pulled it off.

more soon.


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