high-functioning fuckup


a couple things before i leave for chicago:

1) nice little q&a with my pal Courtney Algeo, at the Twin Cities Daily Planet, here.

2) i love Tom Spurgeon and The Comics Reporter. i would love it even if he DIDN’T write things like this about the release of my new book:

JAN121176 SAMMY THE MOUSE TP VOL 01 (MR) $14.00

Zak Sally’s labor of love pulled back into his own grasp and away from other publishers and even printers. There’s something about the future of comics in Sally’s decision to just make these things himself, although the comics would be worthy of your attention if they were printed by a super-corporation on the bleached paper of original art from exploited 1960s creators.

but he did.

3) as some of you have noticed, the new La Mano site has ONE function, at present– you can actually buy Sammy The Mouse Vol 1. all the rest of the BUY buttons will go live when i get back and have a bit of breathing room (and then hopefully even more content soon after that), but for now…go for it. it’s here.


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