high-functioning fuckup


the dog ate my homework. i broke my arm. there was a flood. the doorknob broke. the car got towed. i was in jail.

choose one (they are all lies).

things are actually happening; not as fast as i’d like them to (and probably not in the order they should), but they ARE. i’ve got proof.

first of all there are some SAMMY THE MOUSE RELEASE EVENTS, and you should come to them; they are both with my good pal TOOTH, author of the 100% awesome book (you guessed it) “TOOTH: the graphic art of Dale Flattum”. we’ll be talking and talking and talking about our fancy new (yeah, i KNOW they were both technically “finished” half a year ago, but like i said…”not in the order they should…” etc etc.

first is….TWO DAYS FROM NOW, at the best bookstore in Minneapolis, MAGERS AND QUINN.

i’m going to talk about La Mano a bit, wave books around and cry, then dale will put on his best suit and give a 4-hour powerpoint presentation, after which the sartorially amazing Andy Sturdevant will ask us pointed questions (hopefully in a manner that will make us seem smarter than we are).

it’ll all start around 7:30 and wrap up at 9ish.

the VERY NEXT NIGHT, we’re parking our asses at BIG TABLE in st paul, from 7-10.

and we’re doing stuff the NEXT week, as well.

and, all out of order, like i said: the sleek new LA MANO site will go live next week. it’s all set, the whosit just needs to hit up the whatsit for whatever computers need to shake hands and just be friends. as soon as we do that, i’ll de-clunkify this site as well.

don’t believe me?


i love you,



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