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so, a couple years ago i had the opportunity (and honor) to do illustrations for my friend –and one of my favorite living writers– Brian Evenson‘s collection of short stories, Fugue State.

i’m now putting some of the original art from that book up for sale.

these include the title illustrations and the lettering (but in different configuration than in the book, where they were reformatted). each piece measures around 10 x 7.5 inches, and is pen and ink on paper (exceptions are the illustration for “Desire With Digressions”, which is 15 x 7.5, and “Fugue State”, which is manipulated photocopies. also note, some have rubber cement/ pasteup cuts).

each is $150 (plus postage and handling), shipped to you flat (i’ll sign them if you’d like).

here’s a couple examples:

preferred payment is paypal, but i can make whatever work.

NOT FOR SALE are the illustrations for “The Adjudicator”, “Younger”, “Mudder Tongue”, “Life Without Father”, and the comics pages for the “Dread” collaboration (which remain in Brian’s┬ápersonal collection, or my own).

all the rest are first claim. email me at orders@lamano21.com and please name the one you are interested in.

for those of you who have no idea what i’m talking about, i would urge you to run out and pick up one of Brian’s books immediately (his most recent is Immobility, which i really, really loved– but his short stories are masterful, and any collection you pick up will be a winner. TRUST ME).


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