high-functioning fuckup


well, here we go.

new site, new book. stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but i actually intend this new site to be a living, breathing thing. how all that will unroll in the coming months, we shall see. i mean, YOU will; i’m just going to do some stuff.
what i’m intending beyond this here site is the redesign and relaunch of the La Mano site, hopefully in February.
a couple things off the bat–
first will be this: without fail (unless, of course, i fail…), i’ll be posting at least three times weekly.
i’ll be adding pages to the Sammy the Mouse Vol 1 archive; one on monday, one on friday. i’m getting the whole thing started off by posting the first 10 pages (obviously, i’m still getting used to how this whole webcomics-display-type-thing over to the right functions, but one can only hope it’ll get easier/ clearer in the near future).
secondly, i’ll be posting at least one panel (probably on wednesdays) from the NEXT volume of Sammy, which i’m going to get finished and published in calendar 2012. it’ll be the same size and format as the new Sammy collection (8 1/4 by 6ish, 2 colors throughout), and yeah–96 pages, only volume 2 will be all new material. this is the way every successive volume will appear, as well. all 4 or 500 pages of it.
more on this than i’ve got the energy to write at this moment, but the answer to “WHY, if you’re such a print guy, and you spent all that time and effort printing all of Sammy The mouse Vol 1 on your own printing press and all that, would you then post all the pages online?”. because this– i don’t care if you read it here. the book i made is it’s own object, period. they are different animals.
and i’ll probably write more too, about other things and stuff.
but right now i gots to sleep.
honestly, though– welcome to the new deal.
best, zak.

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