high-functioning fuckup


so, look at that– one whole week and i did all those posts, right on time, just like i said i would. how rewarding*.

but while i was barely learning to set this deal up and operate it, there were a couple things ME-related, which i will now further relate to you, weeks after they occurred:

first, i did a great longish interview with Tom Spurgeon of my favorite comics site, The Comics Reporter. every year Tom does a gaggle of “Holiday Interviews” (this year featuring such esteemed folks as Art Spiegelman, Chester Brown, this guy Tucker Stone ranting in an awesome fashion and plenty more) and hey ho here’s mine. you can read the whole thing here:

i love this site, and how Spurge views and writes about comics. it was a pleasure talking with him.

secondly, looks like ┬áMinnesota Public Tv is re-running a piece they did on me/ La Mano for their MNOriginals program. watch me run my press, pretend to draw, and hassle my students (one of whom wrote when he saw it, “they ‘A-Ha’d you at the end!”. and they did. and if you know what i’m talking about here, it probably means you are old.). you can view it online here, or if you live in this neck of the woods it’ll be on a couple more times on Feb 29.

more stuff soon.


*i’m completely unsure as to whether or not i intended sarcasm here.

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