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so, in a last minute frenzy, i decided to go to this years’ SPX.

i’ll be signing copies of Sammy The Mouse Book 2 at the Uncivilized table, and also doing “PORTRAITS OF YOU, INCREDIBLY UGLY” for $10 (not guaranteed to look anything like you). how can you pass that up.

i’ll be seeing a lot of old pals, so i’ll probably be wandering and table hopping the whole time. come on down if you’re…on the east coast.

speaking of old pals though, it was during SPX 2 years ago that my friend Dylan Williams passed away. like a lot of others, i still miss him, both as a presence in the small press world, and as a person.

my pals/ great publisher/ AUTOPTIC cohorts 2D Cloud did a video interview with myself and Dylan some time ago. previously, small parts of it were available to be seen, but they have relaunched their website (and it looks AWESOME), and with it, they put up the conversation in full.

i started watching it, but had to stop. it was like he was still here. which is a real sad thing and a really great thing– seeing Dylan alive and being Dylan…i’ll take that wherever i can get it. i’ll watch the whole thing one of these days soon. but you should watch it right now. he was quite a guy.




here’s a nice little interview (conducted by local hero Ezra) at Basement Show Girls. i really like the fact that the visuals are all these cool collages, instead of images of my comics (i’m not being sarcastic, either). be warned, i say really bad things about “2 And a Half Men”, a show i have never actually watched the whole way through.

because it is garbage. whoops.

still waiting for my PFC/ AUTOPTIC posts? yeah, me too. i’ll do it though.