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my son isaac, hard at work on the next issue of Sammy, furthering the extensive borders of my ever-expanding empire.

that’s right, he’s a southpaw. handsome, eh? and that’s a brush pen. and here’s his first page ever:

look out, all you “i draw like a child” faux-naifs out there, my boy’s got the REAL THING; he REALLY DOES DRAW LIKE A CHILD.





thanks to everyone who came to the stuff in chicago.

Quimby’s is the greatest; seems like it’s been ages since i’ve been there, and it was as fantastic as ever; a truly overwhelming amount of great stuff. Liz is awesome. Edie too (buy GAYLORD PHOENIX if you haven’t already, from our good friends at Secret Acres…it’s a truly transcendant slab of comix). QUIMBY’S forever!!!

i didn’t take any pictures. John’s talk was great. so was Dale’s. i thought mine was kind of rambling, but ok, but then the first question was “is there ANY PART of this that you actually ENJOY!?” and i realized that i’d again succeeded in being depressing while attempting to be uplifting. afterwards, when john and i (finally) ate food, i asked him if my talk was, indeed, depressing. he said “good lord yes.” i laughed, and then realized he wasn’t kidding in the least, so i said “john you’re not kidding in the least, are you?” and he said “no, i’m not”.

i’ve got to work on that.

slept on Grace’s floor. do you know Grace? you should. Grace set up the show. Grace is, as they say, the shit.

woke up the next day and started hanging. getting all 96 pages of Sammy Vol 1 up on the wall felt pretty damn good. some of you may not know this, but comics can be… a cruel and heartless bitch. seeing it all up there, in an 11 by 19 foot block gave me a real charge; mostly to get back to the drawing board.

Johnny ‘s wall had a bunch of stuff i’ve never seen before, like original King Cat pages, some photographs, and these gorgeous white on-black still lifes. Dale’s wall had the entire contents of his FLUXUS box…pretty amazing.

(not that you’d know it from these photos. this is without everything completely set up. dale’s on the left, john to the right.)

attendance was pretty good– met some nice folks, including anna from Johalla and some of the guys from the Rational Park studio…having this show up with 2 of my favorite artists/ good pals was a hell of a thing, and if i do say so myself, a really fantastic art show.

sorry there’s not more pics. guess you had to be there. thanks to everyone who made it happen (especially Grace).

ok. back to work.




a couple things before i leave for chicago:

1) nice little q&a with my pal Courtney Algeo, at the Twin Cities Daily Planet, here.

2) i love Tom Spurgeon and The Comics Reporter. i would love it even if he DIDN’T write things like this about the release of my new book:

JAN121176 SAMMY THE MOUSE TP VOL 01 (MR) $14.00

Zak Sally’s labor of love pulled back into his own grasp and away from other publishers and even printers. There’s something about the future of comics in Sally’s decision to just make these things himself, although the comics would be worthy of your attention if they were printed by a super-corporation on the bleached paper of original art from exploited 1960s creators.

but he did.

3) as some of you have noticed, the new La Mano site has ONE function, at present– you can actually buy Sammy The Mouse Vol 1. all the rest of the BUY buttons will go live when i get back and have a bit of breathing room (and then hopefully even more content soon after that), but for now…go for it. it’s here.



pretty excited about this.

Dale (TOOTH), John Porcellino esq, and myself are going to be in CHICAGO this weekend, doing a variety of different things– here’s what they are:

FIRST: signing/ talking/ presentations at what we all know is one of the best zine/ diy/comic stores in north america (and has been for a long, long time..) , QUIMBY’S QUEER STORE.


the whole thing will start up at 7 or so, and be done i don’t know, whenever.

Johnny’s got a slideshow thing i think, Dale’s got one (i saw it a couple times this past weekend, and thought it was great), and i’m not sure what i’m going to talk about, really. maybe i’ll just recite my poetry. so this will be fun; i’ve been meaning to do a thing with/at QUIMBY’S since i (re)launched La Mano back in 2005. here it is.

and then, the FOLLOWING night


a one-night only show with the 3 of us called PHYSICAL EVIDENCE (here’s a poster Dale made for it…)

this is happening at RATIONAL PARK (address above), and…oh you get the drift. starts at 7.

the whole gist of the show is that none of the 3 of us really do artwork that’s supposed to be…viewed on a wall in a gallery and all that; our stuff ends up as comics or zines or posters or whateverthehell. so we’re each displaying a bunch of stuff on the wall that’s NOT for sale — in my case, all 96 pages of original art for Sammy vol 1 (it makes about a 28 x 9 foot rectangle on the wall; and i’ve got the messiest originals in the business, too…lots of Xacto cuts and white ink and rubber cement). John will be displaying original King-Cat pages (!!!) and Dale…lord only knows.

but, we’ll be selling the REAL things (i.e the Sammy Vol 1 book, Dale’s TOOTH: The Graphic Art of Dale Flattum, and King-Cat both in ‘zine and book collection form). also prints and lots of etcetera.

there’ll also be some rare stuff from each of us, namely John’s FUZZY BOX/FUCKIN DORK boxes, Dale’s BRILLO boxes and his you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it FLUXUS boxes. and i think i’m going to sell a big painting, we’ll see.

anyway, it’s ONE NIGHT. we’re putting it up, then taking it down.

sometimes i wonder– do people think i’m kidding? i’m not kidding.

come say hi.



the dog ate my homework. i broke my arm. there was a flood. the doorknob broke. the car got towed. i was in jail.

choose one (they are all lies).

things are actually happening; not as fast as i’d like them to (and probably not in the order they should), but they ARE. i’ve got proof.

first of all there are some SAMMY THE MOUSE RELEASE EVENTS, and you should come to them; they are both with my good pal TOOTH, author of the 100% awesome book (you guessed it) “TOOTH: the graphic art of Dale Flattum”. we’ll be talking and talking and talking about our fancy new (yeah, i KNOW they were both technically “finished” half a year ago, but like i said…”not in the order they should…” etc etc.

first is….TWO DAYS FROM NOW, at the best bookstore in Minneapolis, MAGERS AND QUINN.

i’m going to talk about La Mano a bit, wave books around and cry, then dale will put on his best suit and give a 4-hour powerpoint presentation, after which the sartorially amazing Andy Sturdevant will ask us pointed questions (hopefully in a manner that will make us seem smarter than we are).

it’ll all start around 7:30 and wrap up at 9ish.

the VERY NEXT NIGHT, we’re parking our asses at BIG TABLE in st paul, from 7-10.

and we’re doing stuff the NEXT week, as well.

and, all out of order, like i said: the sleek new LA MANO site will go live next week. it’s all set, the whosit just needs to hit up the whatsit for whatever computers need to shake hands and just be friends. as soon as we do that, i’ll de-clunkify this site as well.

don’t believe me?


i love you,