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well, didn’t take long for me to get behind. but now we’ll have something to talk about over lunch.

so somehow, strangely, there’s some TV crap going on– i got a bunch of emails saying “HEY MAN, YOU JUST GOT MENTIONED ON PORTLANDIA!”. and i said “what?” and then….well, i still haven’t seen the thing, but it sounds funny.

and this might be of particular “interest” (ha ha…oh wait you won’t get the joke for another couple sentences yet…) to comics nerds, but apparently there’s some show on CBS called (here we go) “Person Of Interest” an tonight’s episode centers around a comic store. or something. anyway, they asked me to send them a bunch of La Mano stuff to outfit this comic store, so i did.

who knows how much of it they actually ended up using, but the idea of a “real” comic store plastered with, you know– Sammy The Mouse and Kim Deitch posters everywhere…that’s humorous to me. only in the land of make-believe, folks. 9pm est, 8 central. i think its about cops and shit.